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Offplan Abu Dhabi Real Estate

Offplan Abu Dhabi Real Estate

UAE properties : What is the fuss about?

The UAE is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The real estate boom started in late 90's and now accounts for a major portion of its 200 billion GDP. Traditionally the economy was seen as synonymous to Oil but the UAE rulers have diverted their attention to create an environment free of its dependence on the liquid gold. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the prime examples.

Dubai : Cashing on the opportunity

Such is the development in recent years that only six percent of Dubai's GDP comes from oil sector, whereas the real estate sector accounts for nearly a quarter of the state's total income. Nearly 250,000 laborers are employed to work in this sector. Major constructions have taken place in years that have put Emirates in the global limelight. Mega projects such a Burj Al Arab, Palm Island, Burj Dubai continue to mesmerize the world. Dubai port is the largest man made harbor in the world. Future projects such as the Dubai Metro, are under construction. It will start operating by 2009 and is estimated to be completed within four years. It will have 43 stations connecting to all parts of the city.

Abu Dhabi Real Estate

Dubai's neighbor Abu Dhabi is not far behind. After the passing of Sheikh Zayed, the new ruler has embarked on an inspirational journey to match Dubai. Three of its main project, Al Raha Beach suburb, Saadiyat Island and Yas development has attracted multi billion dollar investments. In order to attract tourism, new golf courses and resorts are being built. In fact investors are now diverting to Abu Dhabi as they feel the crunch of over development in Dubai. Large firms are attracted to the natural resources of the city backed by its political stability and power. Experts believe that it might be a perfect time to invest in Abu Dhabi's real estate before the prices catch on with the world's major financial hubs.

According to the official figures released by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, the GDP is expected to rise by almost $160 billion dollars by 2010. Revenue from non-oil sectors will also increase by 40 percent. Almost $136 billion of investment is targeted for the coming two years. The opportunity for investors can't be better at this stage as the demand for apartments far outweigh supply. Nearly 24,000 units are needed in 2008 when only 11,000 are scheduled for delivery. Soon, the demand will catch on with supply therefore investors are well advised to invest now to reap the benefits of price hikes in the very near future.

Who can help?

Foreign investment requires great prudence. It is practical to get yourself acquaint with the local laws, customs and climate. A good strategy is to consult a firm that specializes in conducting business with the natives. If you ever plan to invest in UAE properties, there are many reputable firms in the Middle East that can assist in planning a visit and subsequently implementing your investment plans. One such firm is Land Vest Limited www.landvestdubai.com that has the expertise and contacts to help you select profitable venture. Whatever your choice, just make sure that you grasp local knowledge before leaping into this money making frenzy.

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