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Property Buying Process in Dubai

Property Buying Process in Dubai

The property buying process in Dubai has been incredibly lucrative, due to wise planning decisions made by Dubai leadership. Dubai is experiencing a booming real estate market, with development areas for the highest residential tower and largest mall in the world. Dubai's population was 4.6 million in 2007 - with a growth rate of 3.38%. Dubai's 2007 unemployment rate was 3.17%.

Dubai has enjoyed a vibrant real estate market boom due to strong fundamental demographics. Dubai enjoys a robust growth in financial services, encouraging immigration that has led to a growing population; more than 400,000 new residents arrived in 2007. Available credit has helped renters transition to home ownership. Real estate prices have increased due to high demand and supply shortages.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) understands the rules of hospitality, relaxation and lavish recreation as 6.5 million tourists realized in 2006. In 2007, Dubai had an 86% hotel occupancy rate, which was the highest in the world.

The Dubai government has directed this economic boom with a push-pull management. In 2002, the Crown Prince relaxed foreign ownership regulations - allowing for 100% foreign control of "freehold" property which could be sold, rented or leased - as a result, international investment has flowed into Dubai. Dubai law offers many inducements to property investment including the following: no capital gains tax in the UAE and no stamp duty on UAE real estate.

The Dubai Strategic Plan for 2015 is competing for world-wide recognition, targeting high GDP growth rates with an increasingly skilled workforce, through extensive investment in financial, construction and tourist sectors. While other regions are experiencing credit crunches due to mismanagement, Dubai has a credit surplus and is an emerging international financial center. Dubai has invested heavily in infrastructure projects, expanding rail and airport facilities.

Don't miss this tremendous opportunity. Discover the wonderful real estate opportunities at our website - "landvestdubai.com". The UAE property market has options for commercial properties, short-term rental properties and office spaces. It also has residential properties including apartments, luxury villas and mixed-use gated communities. These are also waterfront properties, beach resorts and penthouses.

Our experienced real estate professionals at "landvestdubai.com" have our fingers on the pulse of the Dubai property market. The opportunity is incredible as many real estate developments have extensive waiting lists. Dubai rental property offers high yields around 12 - 15% per annum. Visit our website and learn more about Dubai property investment at "landvestdubai.com"

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